Home workout

Training: AMRAP

Warming up: 
High knees (25 sec)
Jumping Jacks (25 sec) 
Boxing dribble (25 sec)

As many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes

-Spiderman push-up (10x)
-Knee to chest (20x)
-Frog burpee (10x)
-Skating (20x)
-Shoulder push-up (10x)
-High knee jump (10x left, 10x right).

🇳🇱 Zoveel mogelijk rondjes van bovenstaande oefeningen doen in 20 min. Maar let op je houding 

🇬🇧How many rounds can you manage to do in 20 min?Make sure you also focus on the right execution.

TRAINING: Resistance bands
🇬🇧instead of doing the full training, you can also focus on 1 circuit. Thats totally fine! Listen to your body and its needs.
🇳🇱 Je kan de hele training doen of 1 circuitje. Luister goed naar je lichaam.

Warming-up: 👉🏽 3 rounds/doe 3 rondjes
-jumping Jacks (20x)
-squats (10x)
-push-ups (10x)

Circuit 1 
-side step (30sec)
-fire hydrant (30sec)
-flutter kicks (30sec)
-plank + steps (30sec)
-squats (30sec)
👉🏽 after each exercise 15 sec rest. Do 3 rounds.🇳🇱 na iedere oefening 15 sec rust. doe dit circuit 3x

Circuit 2
-sit-ups (20x)
-mountain climbers (20x)
-knees to chest (20xL, 20xR)
-squat jumps (20x)
-skating (20x)
👉🏽do 3 rounds of this circuit. Stretch afterwards.🇳🇱doe dit circuit 3x, en doe een cooling down.